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Health & Fitness

I’m not a health and fitness fanatic, but I didn’t want to start my 30’s unfit and unhealthy, so in January 2016 I decided to take up running…I never thought I’d say this but it changed my life. I found a new passion for exercise in the forms of running and yoga and I haven’t looked back since.

Join me here to follow me on my journey to a healthy body, and most importantly, a healthy mind.

Running, Yoga, Creative Writing…and a bit of a review and rebrand!

Wow...what a year 2016 was! My main focus for 2016 was to improve my health, and running was at the heart of that. My running journey went amazingly, after completing the Couch to 5k programme, I completed a 10km race... Continue Reading →

Vlog #1 | Training for a Half Marathon

I've been really struggling to write recently but I wanted to talk about my Half Marathon training, so I thought I'd try a Vlog instead. I was really nervous, which I know you can see in the video, and I... Continue Reading →

The Cheltenham Challenge | 19th June 2016

Yesterday I completed the 10km Cheltenham Challenge! I'll be writing a separate blog post about my race, but as I had such an amazing day yesterday, I wanted to do a quick write up of some of my highlights. For... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Tips for Beginner Runners

I've been running now for nearly 6 months so I wanted to share some of the top 10 tips I've picked up along the way. These are by no means all the things you need to know before you start running,... Continue Reading →

From Couch to 5k – The Journey of a Beginner Runner

This is a blog post I wrote at the end of April for my Running Club (Cheltenham Running Club). I'm sharing it here because running has given me more than just fitness, it's become a part of my life and... Continue Reading →

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