Numbers: Write a poem or journal entry about numbers that have special meaning to you.

Author Note: My partner Joe is my ‘Ideas Man’ – he’s amazing at coming up with stories and characters. This was his idea when I told him the prompt was numbers, I loved it so much, he said I could write it!

I can’t move from the chair I’m tied to, even my hands are tied behind my back. I could struggle, but I know there’s no escape.

The warehouse is vast around me, I can hear the echoes from fluttering wings high above, a pigeon trapped in the rafters perhaps.

There’s nothing or no-one here with me, except for the machine that sits opposite. I follow its arm which is pointed towards me, and as I look down, I see the drill pressed against my heart.

My pulse starts to quicken at the sight of it, it’s so close, but not quite close enough to feel it…yet.

The machine whirs, and a voice echoes out from it…’Question 1. What is 57, multiplied by 20, divided by 5?’

My heart beats faster, beads of sweat start to form on my brow. In my mind I’m searching for the answer…

‘You have 30 seconds left…’

My mind has gone completely blank…

’15 seconds remaining’

My head is thumping, I can think of every number but the one I need.


The drill starts to spin, the whining noise growing louder, the machine slowly starts to move directly towards my heart.

For a moment everything turns black….

…then the VR headset is removed, I blink my eyes to find I’m back in my classroom. Laughter fills the room and my teacher just smiles down at me. ‘Better luck next time’ he says.

Prompt taken from Think Written: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Image taken from Pixabay (Free Stock Photos)