Animals: Choose an animal. Write about it!

Eyes followed him as he moved along the path, their gaze filling him with discomfort. All he was trying to do was make it across the grasslands to the watering hole, but the swarm followed his every move. Never a moments peace or privacy.

Had they really nothing better to do with their time?

He didn’t mind so much when it was from a distance and there were only a few of them, but to come in herds as they did – if only they could imagine the opposite, how intimidating it was to be outnumbered as he was.

They were moving towards him now, faster and from both directions. It was too late for him to escape, he would be trapped. His heart quickened, hoping they would not be dangerous, he had lost friends of his to these beasts before.

They quickly formed a circle around him, watching, pointing, hiding their faces with strange boxes which made clicking noises. These ones were friendly at least, but he still hated being trapped.

He paused a moment, then decided he’d had enough, friendly as they were, it was enough. Padding towards a gap between them, he twisted and manoeuvred his way through.

As he ran off towards his Pride, he couldn’t help but feel grateful to be away from them…animals.

Author Note:

I really struggled with this piece, and I’m not happy with it. I don’t feel like it portrays the message I wanted, but I think it’s a good starting point to work on.

This was based on the photograph used as the header for this post, I took it whilst on safari in Tanzania in one of the busier national parks. Personally, I preferred the smaller national parks, where you could drive all day and not see another person, you could sit quietly and watch the incredible wildlife from afar, and really get a glimpse into their world. I found the busier parks too full of people, and they were quite often disrespectful.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, we were stuck on a road that we could not turn around on, so found ourselves at the back of this group. A Lion was in the middle of these vehicles, he was safe but I hated the situation and it made me feel really uncomfortable, luckily the Lion slipped through the vehicles and ran off.

For more photographs from my time in Africa, please check out my Flickr page.

Prompt taken from Think Written: 365 Creative Writing Prompts