The Rocket Ship: Write about a rocket-ship on its way to the moon or a distant galaxy far, far, away.

Forget everything you think you know about the world…you’ve been lied to…

Those words had echoed in this mind daily for the last six months, and sitting here now, strapped into the seat of a shuttle based on his design…they couldn’t be more true.

Not too long ago, the technology that he was using today had felt like a distant dream, but now it was his reality. Surrounded by screens full of numbers and equations, he felt oddly at home, which was strange because he couldn’t be further from Earth, he wasn’t even in his native Solar System.

Redd suddenly appeared beside him, he still couldn’t get over how quietly she moved. ‘Professor, I fixed the connector pipes you were worried about. It’s not ideal, but they’ll hold until we reach the landing spot.’

He watched as she turned and struggled into the seat next to him, her tail not fitting comfortably underneath her. He still had to remind himself not to stare.


He looked up to see the questioning expression on her face…he’d been staring.

‘Sorry Redd, I…uh…was lost in my thoughts.’ He cleared his throat, hoping he hadn’t been obvious. ‘Great work on the pipe, when we land, we’ll take them apart and take a look.’

She seemed satisfied as she smiled and turned her attention to her screens and the ships diagnostics system.

A sarcastic voice crackled in over the comms system ‘Buckle up guys and gals, this is your Captain speaking…’

‘Shut up Slick, you ain’t no Captain of mine!’ Another voice interrupted quickly.

‘Well I sure ain’t having some thief tell me who or what I am…’

‘Grrr…’ A growl echoed loudly over the comms ‘I’ve warned you both, if you don’t cut it out, you’ll be banned from talking.’

The comms were cut and replaced by the sound of Howler slowly making his way down the ship, claws on metal, the sound vibrating around the walls. The muffled sounds of Slick and Bandit bickering still drifted through from the Flight Deck.

‘They won’t learn you know’ he told Howler as he entered the Hold. At 7ft tall, Howler struck the most imposing figure he had ever seen, he wasn’t scared to admit he was still petrified of him, even after their time together. ‘They’re natural born enemies, they’ll never see eye to eye.’

‘I don’t have time to babysit them and their childish ways’ Howler’s voice was deep and gravelly. ‘Besides, Redd here is my natural prey according to your planet…and look how well we get along!’ He grinned and let out a low chuckle, it was meant to be friendly, unnerving as the rows of teeth were. ‘Now, enough talking, prepare for launch.’

Fixing the buckles on his harness, those words popped into his head again…

Forget everything you think you know about the world…you’ve been lied to…

Author note: This was actually the perfect prompt to write a teaser piece for a project I’ve been planning with my partner Joe. We had this idea a few years ago and it’s on the list of projects to write a full length novel for. I’d love to know what you guys think so please let me know in the comments below or on social media – do you want to read more?

Prompt taken from Think Written: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Image taken from Pixabay (Free Stock Photos)

My blog post that started my 365 Writing Prompts journey.