Dancing: Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes?

Letting out a sigh, she lowered herself into the chair, her body stiff and aching. Her dancing shoes in the middle of the floor, left where the young nurse had removed them. As moulded to her as they were, they looked alien now, they were not the part of her they used to be.

The red leather had dulled and the scuffs on the toes were showing. Old and worn, just as she herself felt. There was no denying they had led a good life, filled with parties, dances and partners, but they were left alone now, as she was.

Brought out one last time this evening, their final show. She had been led gently around the dance floor by a handsome young man, his arms keeping her steady. In her mind, she was a young woman again, waltzing and twirling, letting the music take her, filled with passion and life.

Now, returned to her room, the shoes were to be wrapped carefully and stored, frozen in time, no longer needed…she had danced her last dance.

Prompt taken from Think Written: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Image taken from Pixabay (Free Stock Photos)

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