The Unrequited Love Poem: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

The train had already been and gone, the two cups of coffee now cold in his hands.

He had double-checked the time and date, today had been their day. He had been so sure she would be here, sure that she would change her mind, choose to carry on, give it another try.

Their first encounter on the train seemed a lifetime away, spending the journey laughing and joking about mixing up their coffee orders from the vendor outside.

The station started to crowd again, the next train due. He found himself reluctant to leave, to stay would mean he was still waiting, there was still a chance…to leave would state it over, hopeless.

So he stayed, watching the next train arrive and leave, the two cups of coffee still cold in his hands.

Author Note: I haven’t followed the prompt exactly as this isn’t a poem, but I’m happy with it. A lot of my writing tends to be fantasy / adventure and set in a different era, so I purposely tried to make this more modern.

Prompt taken from Think Written: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Image taken from Pixabay (Free Stock Photos)

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