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January 2017

2. Unrequited Love | 365 Days of Creative Writing Prompts

The Unrequited Love Poem: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back? The train had already been and gone, the two cups of coffee now cold in his hands. He had double-checked the time and... Continue Reading →

1. Outside the Window | 365 Days of Creative Writing Prompts

Outside the Window: What’s the weather outside your window doing right now? If that’s not inspiring, what’s the weather like somewhere you wish you could be? Silence. All sound caught and trapped by a blanket which covers all, perfect and... Continue Reading →

Running, Yoga, Creative Writing…and a bit of a review and rebrand!

Wow...what a year 2016 was! My main focus for 2016 was to improve my health, and running was at the heart of that. My running journey went amazingly, after completing the Couch to 5k programme, I completed a 10km race... Continue Reading →

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