What an amazing week! I’ve gone from the hustle and bustle of Comic Con in London to the gorgeous beaches of the Gower in Wales so I thought I’d write a short post with some of the highlights.

Sunday saw an early drive down to London with Joe where we proceeded to geek out at all the amazing things at Comic Con. We met one of our friends down there and the 3 of us had an amazing day.

A shot Joe took of some Disney Cosplay – they look amazing!

I was really inspired by the cosplay I saw there and it definitely gave me lots of ideas for my own handmade wardrobe and the possibility of branching out into cosplay creations in the future (dreaming big but that’s allowed!). I don’t actually have many photos as Joe was filming at the time so I was more focused on that, definitely check out his video if you want a taste of the cosplay on offer. My favourite was probably the Alien and the Marines – they were perfectly in character and so much effort had gone into making their outfits.

One of the marines…

We also got to meet the Yogscast which was amazing, they were all so down to earth and really really friendly, they took the time to talk to everyone and signed some posters for Joe. I had my photo take with Sips and Sjin which was really cool!

Fangirling with Sips & Sjin!

We also got to see some really cool stuff from various films and games that are being released soon:

The full size Batmobile from the Arkham games!
The car from Mad Max

So yes, Comic Con was amazing and if you’re into anything geeky I would definitely recommend it!

After that busy Sunday, we then spent Monday packing and making our way to the Gower in Wales where we camped at Three Cliffs Bay for three nights. It was so beautiful there, words cannot really describe it. Again, not that many photos as I really wanted to use the time to unplug from all things electronic so my phone was off for most of the trip. I got a couple of shots of the beach and the view though:

A panoramic view from our campsite
Stepping Stones to the beach

We also made a visit to LC2 which is the leisure centre in Swansea, the Waterpark was amazing and the spa there was complete luxury after spending the night sleeping on the floor!

So a really busy week, back to normality now though, I’m working on some more secret knitting projects (more details to follow) and also writing the final post for the Very Hungry Caterpillar series.

Did you go to Comic Con, or better yet did you Cosplay at Comic Con? I’d love to hear your experiences!